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Blue Pro-Posture Sitting Adjustment Bracket CLEVERHIPPO PP2401



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Regular price 329.000 VND
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Product description

Blue Pro-Posture Sitting Adjustment Bracket CLEVERHIPPO PP2401

Every day, children have to sit for many hours studying and doing homework. Sitting without a straight back or sitting in the wrong posture is one of the causes of nearsightedness and hunchback, causing the child to sit uncomfortably and learn ineffectively. results and reduces interest in learning.
As a support tool for children every time they sit at a desk, the Pro-Posture Sitting Posture Adjustment Bracket will be a companion to help children always sit up straight, sit in the correct posture, and keep an optimal distance. from eyes to desk, thereby helping to protect eyesight and spine.
Not only does it promote correct sitting posture, the Sitting Posture Adjustment Bracket also focuses on the child's comfort and ease with a thick and soft layer of chest support foam that can be removed and cleaned.
By attaching the clamp base to the edge of the table and tightening the two clamp locks, your child can easily set up this friend, and can also easily adjust the height of the stand to suit their height. of children.
Not stopping there, children can also DIY this cute "friend" with the included sticker set depending on their preferences and personality.

Products include:
- Foam mattress to support the chest is soft, smooth, and highly elastic to keep your baby comfortable
- Stylish clip lock helps fix the stand, preventing movement when the baby changes positions
- The clamping platform can be flexibly changed in size, suitable for most types of desks
- Flexible height adjustment bar from 7.4cm to 13.4cm, helping your baby adjust easily and gently with just 1 button

Material: ABS plastic, foam, fabric
Dimensions: 18 x 14.5 x 8.5 (cm)

Pro-Posture sitting posture adjustment bracket is a genuine product of the Clever Hippo brand.

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