Clever Collection's newest membership program

Clever Collection is pleased to announce that, from May 1, 2023, Clever Collection officially participates in the My Points membership program operated by Viet Tinh Anh Company. Now, Clever Collection members will be able to accumulate points and use benefits at all store systems participating in the My Points program such as Hobiverse, ZuZu, Mykingdom. The old membership program will no longer be valid, Clever Collection members' current destination point benefits will be automatically transferred to the My Points program from this time.

Frequently asked questions

1. How to become a My Points member?

You can register to become a My Points member at Mykingdom, Hobiverse, Clever Collection stores.

2. Benefits of being a My Points member

As a My Points member, you will enjoy all of the following perks:

  • Gift when scanning QR code/registering for the first time/updating information via zalo
  • 30% discount on birthday month (members can register for themselves/children/others), maximum 2 codes/member/year
  • Accumulate points according to membership level
  • 10% discount gift when a member is upgraded to a new level
  • Membership day on the 22nd of every month doubles accumulated points
  • Extra 5% discount and many other exclusive offers for members only (applicable to some products)

3. Where do My Points membership benefits apply?

My Points members enjoy privileges when shopping at Mykingdom, Hobiverse, Clever Collection store chains that participate in the membership program or when shopping on the website

Note: Points accumulation benefits are temporarily not applicable to Hobiverse and Clever Collection sales websites

4. How is My Points membership level determined? Time for ranking?

For Clever Collection members before May 1, 2023, membership tier will be converted in the same tier to My Points membership tier, member's accumulated spending up to April 30, 2023 will also be converted in the same tier. rate to My Points program.

Membership level will be considered on July 7 every year based on the member's total spending in the previous 12 months at Mykingdom, Hobiverse, Clever Collection chains that participate in the My Points program, if the member reaches the spending limit. level corresponding to the membership class, the member will keep the class in the following year.

5. What are the rules for accumulating points? When can accumulated points be used?

Members accumulate points according to their membership level based on the total bill paid after VAT and other incentives and promotions at the following rates:

  • Silver Rank: 1%
  • Gold Rank: 1.5%
  • Diamond Rank: 2%

Members accumulate points when making purchases at Mykingdom, Hobiverse, and Clever Collection chains that participate in the membership program.

Points accumulated from 50,000 points can be used. Members can use points at stores participating in the My Points program

6. Where are accumulated points used?

Accumulated points can be used at stores participating in the My Points program.

7. After registering as a member, can I accumulate points immediately? And how to score?

You can start enjoying member benefits immediately after registering in store. Accumulated points will be valid after 3 days.

How to accumulate points:

  • At the store: You can provide the store staff with your previously registered phone number or email when issuing the payment invoice.
  • At the website: Points will be automatically accumulated according to the conditions into the customer's member account when you log in & place an order using your member account.

8. How can I check my earned points and Membership Level?

Method 1: You can go to the store, read the phone number to the staff to check your accumulated points and membership level.

Method 2: Contact hotline 1900 1208 to check accumulated points and membership level.

9. When do my accumulated points expire?

Your points accumulated during the year will expire on March 31 of the following year.

10. Can I transfer my points to relatives and friends?

Unfortunately, your accumulated points cannot be transferred to others.

11. After registering as a member, how much will I accumulate and how?

Customers will accumulate 1% for Silver members - 1.5% for Gold members - 2% for Diamond members

12. Can I register as a member if I do not purchase? Does it cost anything? And when I register, will I receive a gift?

Register for free membership. Even if you don't make a purchase, you can still register as a member and receive member benefits

13. What are the conditions for using promotional codes?

Promotion when scanning QR code: 10% discount, not applicable at the same time with other programs & has a validity period.

Birthday offer: 30% discount code, applicable to full-price products, maximum discount value of 1.5 million, maximum 2 promotional codes/member/year. Promotional codes have an expiry date. Please present KHTT's ID/CCCD to the sales staff when using the birthday code.

Upgrade promotion: 10% discount, cannot be applied concurrently with other promotions & has a limited validity period.

Additional 5% discount and other exclusive offers for members: applicable to some products with member prices.