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Bình nước TRITAN Fairy Forest CLEVERHIPPO WB02

TRITAN Fairy Forest CLEVERHIPPO WB02 water bottle



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Product description

Fairy Forest Tritan Water Bottle CLEVERHIPPO WB02/NUDE

TRITAN Fairy Forest 500ml plastic water bottle with convenient flip-top lid and safety lock, ensuring no water leaks out. The handle is designed to be long and sturdy so that the baby can hold it more comfortably without fear of running, jumping, shaking and breaking the handle, limiting the situation where the baby cannot hold it firmly and drop it, causing injury to the baby's leg. The product design is a combination of bright flowers and leaves, hoping to increase love for plants and help children see nature as a friend. Dressed in a fresh pink shirt, the vase will be perfect for children who love gentleness mixed with a bit of dreaminess.
Technical specifications:
- Material: TRITAN plastic cup body, plastic lid and PP and TPR plastic handle (direct contact with food).
- Size: 8 x 10.5 x 20 (cm)
User manual:
- Clean the water tank and parts before and after use.
- Tighten the lid to prevent leakage.
- You should check that the product's parts are complete before each use.
Storage instructions:
- Do not wash with hard objects, metal fibers or dishwasher.
- Do not heat the product to high temperatures (microwave, disinfection cabinet, etc.).
- Do not put strong acidic or alkaline substances into the cup.
- Avoid falling and strong impacts so as not to affect product quality.
- Children should use it under the guidance of an adult.
Note when using: Contain hot water up to 60°C and be careful when using hot water in a normal pot to avoid burns!
Newspaper! There are small details. Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

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